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DIY Mini Lego Playset


We love to recycle and while we can't force our customers to, we can tell you about really cool ways to recycle your packaging, particularly your jewelry tins (mini Altoid sized ones) that many of our small jewelry comes in. We hope you don’t throw yours away! We will show you how to make great gifts and useful items with your tins in this and upcoming newsletters.


This issue will show you how to make a cool Lego stocking stuffer.  This tiny tin full of Legos go where you go to entertain yourself or your kids!  If you love this project but can't find your tin or are using it for something else (or didn’t get a tin with your purchase), don’t worry, we can sell you some! We have new tins and scratched-up ones and even downright dented ones on our website under miscellaneous (click here for link).

Materials you will need:

  • 1 tin
  • permanent adhesive (we recommend epoxy, E6000 or gorilla glue)
  • at least 3 2x8 flat lego bricks or any configuration of flat bricks
  • various small lego pieces (you can buy a small bucket from the Lego Store)
  • hammer (optional)
  • cloth (optional)


Step 1

Remove any stickers or labels from the tin. 

Step 2

If the top of the tin is not flat, open the tin and place the top on a small block and lightly hammer it flat. 


Go slow and gentle and you may want to use a washcloth or thick shirt to keep the hammer from marring the top.

Step 3

Glue 3 pieces of 2x8 flat Lego pieces (any color) to the top of the tin.


If you want you can get creative and make a design or pattern out of different colored flat pieces of various sizes.


 You may also choose to glue some to the inside of the tin instead of gluing the top or in addition to gluing the top. Hint: you will fit more legos if you do not glue pieces to the inside.


Step 4

Fill with small Lego pieces. You may also include a minifig but it takes up a lot of space. 


 filled-web.jpg       fill-with-legos-web.jpg


If you can't fit all the Legos you want INSIDE the box, connect them to the top of your box and they should not come loose!

Step 5

Take your Lego tin wherever you go and if you feel the need to fidget, start building!  See some samples below


 flowers.jpg       ninja-house.jpg


 robot-web.jpg       build-on-top-web.jpg

Coming Soon!

Stay tuned for our next newsletter when we show you how to make a diorama! 



Let us know if you have any ideas, send us a picture of your Lego Tin, or ask questions or suggestions!

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