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Star Trek I SPY YOU SPY Toy Coming Soon - Where's My Phaser?

Coming Soon

I have been collecting miniatures forever and I think I have enough to make a bunch of this great Star Trek toy.  Based on a popular  look-and-find toy, these fabric bags have tiny Starfleet officers, aliens, gold pressed latinums and various other life forms and Star Trek and Starfleet accessories.  This makes you hunting for weapons, communicators, Klingons, etc. fun!  Hey, where's my phaser?


Here are some pictures of my work in progress.  Man!  How am I ever going to crank out the other 600+ unique items, designs and products I'm working on if everything takes this long to produce in bulk, package, photo, list, and sell?




Last update was that it was coming soon expected around 11/30/11 but it hasn't happened yet.  All parts are in but haven't been able to get the sewing done.